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Yuma church of Christ

Suggested Links

The church of Christ at Yuma would like to suggest several websites that you may consider visiting.



  This is the link to our Facebook page. Please come visit us to see pictures of some of our events and members, plus more current information.https://www.facebook.com/yuma.churchofchrist?lst=100012717558643%3A100000568153131%3A1484225248


www.wvbs.org/    The World Video Bible School is an excellent source of video Bible instructional material that is used by our congregation to help spread the Gospel.


https://www.youtube.com/user/christianmanna or facebook.com/digitalbiblestudy1 for Digital Bible Study. A great place to hear some of the finest Gospel preaching at this virtual Gospel Meeting. Or to support the work of this great effort https://www.patreon.com/digitalbiblestudy and also to find out more of what they are doing.


www.letthebiblespeak.com   This is a great television show with host Brett Hickey. Visit the website for the schedule in your area. Here in southern West Virginia, it can be found every Lord's day morning at 7 am WQCW (CW 30).  Then be sure to turn to WVAH channel 11 for In Search of the Lord's Way. (See link below)


www.searchtv.org   Another great television show with host Phil Sanders. Visit their website for the schedule in your area. Here in southern West Virginia it can be found  every Lord's day morning 7:30 am on WVAH TV  channel 11 (right after Let the Bible Speak). Both of these shows are highly recommended to start your Lord's day  before coming to Bible Study and worship.



 www.polishingthepulpit.com/ Polishing the Pulpit is a week long seminar held in Sevierville Tenn. each year in August. It is very affordable, very educational in spiritual things pertaining to the Lord's church, is not only for preachers but teachers, elders, members,entire families, and is attended by over 3,000 of the best people in the world. Visit their website and check it out, there is so much there to offer!



www.14milechurchofchrist.com The 14 Mile church of Christ building is located on Route 10 about 20 minutes past Chapmanville, WV going towards Huntington. The congregation there is a wonderful group of people that would love for you to visit them on the web or in person.







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