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Freedom Festival in Logan

On July 5th-7th the town of Logan, WV has scheduled the annual Freedom Festival. As in years past, the Yuma congregation has a booth located in the vendor section to give away free information on the Lord's church and invite others to come worship with us. We meet a lot of people and it's a great way to spread the Gospel and make the church more visible in the community. Please, stop by and see us and take some of the information we have available, tracts, DVDs, and House to House Heart to Heart publications. We look forward to seeing you there!


                               Church of Christ Picnic

The second annual church of Christ picnic is scheduled for Saturday, July 21st at the John Slack Park located on Rt. 3 about a 1/2 mile above Racine in Boone County. It starts at 11 am and food at 1:00. The congregations in Boone County are sponsoring it this year and everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.


                     Great News! A new brother in Christ!

That's correct, we have a new brother in Christ! Sunday evening, April 15, 2018, Jacob Adkins responded to the invitation given, after a fine sermon by brother Cliff Collins. Upon his confession that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he was baptized into Christ by his grandfather Tom Adkins and his uncle Larry Hubbard in the presence of his family and  those in attendance here at the church of Christ at Yuma. Praise the Lord! Jacob is a fine young man and we couldn't be happier for him and his entire family. Let's all continue to pray for him as he begins his new walk in service to the Lord. May his great decision encourage others to obey the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





Challenges Facing the 21st Century Christian

We would like to thank everyone who attended the seminar held at the Madison Civic Center this past June 4th-7th. It was well attended and brother Denny Petrillo done a fantastic job preaching God's Word. We hope and pray that this has brought many people closer to God and closer to each other. It was so good to see so many members of the Lord's church together. We also hope and pray that the messages presented makes those outside of Christ condider the condition of their soul, if that's the case please contact us if we can be of any assistance. We would love to further the study with you personally or invite you to worship with us and help you understand what God wants for you. 

We hope and pray the best for brother Denny Petrillo as he continues his ministry. We also appreciate all who helped put on this event, those in attendance, and those who prayed for success in this seminar. Maybe we can make this an annual event and do even better next year. That would be GREAT!!!



                             Last Gospel Meeting for the Spring

There is one remaining Gospel Meeting scheduled this spring. The congregation at 14 Mile, Lord willing, will have Joseph Watts as a speaker on July 19th-22nd at 7 pm each evening. Please make plans to attend and pray for success at this meeting. 





House to House Heart to Heart


We have recently begun to send out a fine publication, House to House Heart to Heart, to folks in the immediate area. It is a great introduction to the church of Christ with very well written articles and a small Bible quiz, along with contact information for our congregation here at Yuma (perhaps that led you here, that's a good thing). We have tracts for each publication sent out if you are further interested in any one of the articles written. Also, we have a 10 part Bible Study written by the same authors that we would LOVE to share with you.

As always, you are invited to come worship with us here at the meeting house. Or, if you would like for us to come to you to find out more of our beliefs or explain some of what you've read, please contact us. We want to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and want to include you!

House to House Heart to Heart also has an excellent web site and we invite you to check that out as well.




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