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                     Great News! A new brother in Christ!

On Sunday morning, August 5th, 2018, before morning worship service, Joseph Lee White made it known that he was ready to obey the Gospel and be baptized into Christ. Brothers Denney Collins and Larry Hubbard assisted him into the bapistry and, after hearing his confession that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, they baptized him in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What a wonderful way to start the morning worship! We are all proud of Joey for his strong desire to do God's will, and are happy for his entire family, which  includes his brother and sister, Michael and Tammy. Praise the Lord for his grace and mercy!


                    And we have a new sister in Christ!  


To cap off a great Lord's Day, at evening worship, August 5th, 2018, after  another wonderful sermon by brother Denney Collins, Allison Hubbard responded to the Lord's invitation. Her father Larry Hubbard, upon her confession that she believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, baptized her into Christ. What a beautiful site to see a father assist his daughter after making the most important decision of her life! With her mother Helenia, grandfather Tom Adkins, great grandmother Carol Adkins, as well as other family, and everyone else in attendance that night, it was very emotional. Surely, raising a child in a Godly home makes a great difference. Praise the Lord for His saving grace!




Let's all continue to pray for our new brother and sister in Christ and assist them if there is anything we can do to help them as they begin their service to God. May their actions influence others to consider the condition of their soul and obey God's plan of salvation.  









House to House Heart to Heart


We have recently begun to send out a fine publication, House to House Heart to Heart, to folks in the immediate area. It is a great introduction to the church of Christ with very well written articles and a small Bible quiz, along with contact information for our congregation here at Yuma (perhaps that led you here, that's a good thing). We have tracts for each publication sent out if you are further interested in any one of the articles written. Also, we have a 10 part Bible Study written by the same authors that we would LOVE to share with you.

As always, you are invited to come worship with us here at the meeting house. Or, if you would like for us to come to you to find out more of our beliefs or explain some of what you've read, please contact us. We want to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and want to include you!

House to House Heart to Heart also has an excellent web site and we invite you to check that out as well.




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