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Prayer List as of 9-15-21

Here is the prayer list as submitted by the congregation, which is printed in this week's bulletin. We would like for everyone to remember these people in your prayers and want  you to know that, because we care, we not only are praying for them, but for YOU as well.


Bob Maynard    The family of Cliff Collins

Magdaline Scaff     Junior Wellman     Deanna Adkins

The family of Geneva "Tootsie" Baisden   Emily Chafin

The family of Alice Vance

The family of Jamie Roeher

Jimmy Trogdon    Dave Chapman

Those affected by the Corona Virus

Mary Hager     Jerome Newsome

Dingess Family   Kim Moore     Doug and Judy Ballard

Luke Pearson     Tomi Bias     Nancy Collins      

      Dale Ramey        Billy Joe Browning    

    Chelsea Williams

David Townesend             Roger Peyton    

Chris Dingess     Imogene Kinder         

Lorraine Doss       Robert & Laurie Alt   Kathy Bowen

Pete & Heather Garza     

David Dempsey     Morgan Evans

Mike & Rhonda Richards      Dana Kimbler

David Harr    Donald Crum         

Sarah Dingess      John Mullins      Charlie Wellman

Denise Orso    Phyllis Adkins     Jordan Marcum     

         Steve Fox        Natalie Maynard        Sherry Smith     Robin Nelson    

Richard & Michelle Collins     Pam Roehor

Mark Miller     Jordan McClung     Zachary McClung

    Paul Hagar      Brad Napier        Melvin Lowe

   Ribekah Dill   Marla Stuckie   Linda Hayes   Rosie Arney

Leo Miller   Debbie Dayfield   Nancy Wyatt     

Eddy Lilly        Jerry Osborne

   Jonathon Browning     Phyllis Pridemore 

     Florence Dehart            Richard and Betty Runyon    

      Sheila Workman    James Bailey      Sarah Dotson                                                Charlie Wellman        Vickie Swiger

   Billy Sipple     Pat Hutchinson

   Benney Wells      Joanne Kirkendoll       

Naomi McDonald

Mary Anisley         Ray Blevins

 Michael,Joey, and Tammy White

   Michael Taylor   Jessica Browning   Rhonda Brown Marcum        Vada White               Linda Cook         

   Taylor Fletcher     Carol Miller

Angie Collins      Barbara Lloyd   Dorthy Maurry  

      Jerry Reynolds      Bernice Bates    

Cindy Daniels     Nancy Smith      Dave Evans     John Turner

   Evelyn Perry      Mary Hopkins   

  Joann Ellis      Louella Copley   

      Jasper Dempsey       Lou Vanness

Bobbi Kay Dillon           the Edsel Family

Emil Canterbury   Harry Mikailian  

                             Imogene Spurlock   Jeff Varney   Joe Smith    

                            Donna Hicks      Kym Butcher                                                    

Leroy Vickers       Geneva Baisden     

      Daniel Marcum and family     

   Betty Smith          Alan Sigmond           Jerry Hurley         

Mary Curry        Pearly Moore               

Patsy Vickers     Carolyn Johnson     Marie Griffith

Rod Jarett               Maudie & Helen Walsh

    Clarke Williamson     Charles Wood           

    Vickie Blevins     Sheila Props           

        Edith Williamson       Debbie Blackburn     Jonna Wright

   Kenneth Johnson         Julie Browning

Tom and Jeanette Adkins       

    Howard Mullins     Barbara Lloyd

Anna Bell Purkey              Cheryl Webb        Pearl Shanklin     David Bailey      

        Melo & Misty Fonseca     Sally White   

     Faye Clemons      Victoria Runyon     Georgette Hensley    

    Mason Messer              Linda Cox

     Danny Nelson     Shannon Copley        

    Steve & Debby Vance         Theresa Hensley



Our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Ukraine


And all those across the Globe who suffer for their faith in God.



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